One of the WWE's pay per view events, the Royal Rumble takes place this Sunday night. Below are the picks from WWE fans Goz (from Levack and Goz) and Vinnie who some may know as "Traffic Guy Vinnie" from the Levack and Goz show.

Goz Picks

Men's Rumble Baron Corbin

I'm going to go with a scenario that will get WWE fans all worked up and that's the "King" Baron Corbin winning the Rumble. Think about what Corbin has already accomplished in his career. US Champion, Money in the Bank Winner. King of the Ring. Andre The Giant Battle Royal winner.  Baron Corbin is truly the HATED heel in WWE. Let's see a Corbin vs Wyatt match for the WWE Universal Championship.

Women's Rumble Ronda Rousey

Where has Ronda been? Seriously I know she went on a "Impregnation Vacation" last spring? Is she pregnant? Here's how I would LOVE to see the Rumble finish go...Two participants are left in the ring before #30 enters. Both competitors flip over the top rope making the #30 entry the automatic winner of the Rumble. #30's music hits and its' Bad Reputation by Joan Jett. WWE fans BOO the world out of Ronda. (A second heel of the night winning the Rumble) setting up the Ronda vs Becky rematch at Wrestlemania.

Traffic Guy Vinnie Picks 

Mens Rumble: Edge
It feels almost a guarantee we are going to see some big surprises in the Mens Royal Rumble. As much as I want CM Punk to return in Houston, the Edge return seems far more likely. Edge has never feuded with Brock so its a totally fresh match up. I could also see Roman Reigns as a viable winner, but with all the focus being on Brock in the match I feel its less likely we see a Smackdown guy win the match. Also, Brock and Heyman have been touting that there isn't anyone deserving enough to face off with him for the championship which leads me to believe it will be someone we aren't expecting. Hopefully not Cain Valasquez or Tyson Fury, those matches would be a dumpster fire to main event Wrestlemania. On a side note it would be great to see the win go to someone like Ricochet or Aleister Black, but I doubt WWE will go down that road as they typically haven't been using the Rumbles to truly launch a new star. Ala, Shinsuke Nakamura in 2018 (wasted rumble win). I know it's not exactly a likely choice, but if Edge returned and won.. That crowd would pop huge.
Women's Rumble: Shayna Bazsler
I've read a lot online about how many are favoring her to be the last woman standing on Sunday, and to be honest.. It makes all the sense in the world. Just like in the Mens match if Edge were to be the victor, we are promised a fresh match up with Shayna at the showcase of the immortals. The even better aspect of Shayna winning is that we can have a month of Shayna appearing on both Raw and Smackdown as she could theoretically start a feud with Bayley or Becky. Although Becky would be the more obvious choice as Shayna is a heel. While that would all make sense, so would a Ronda Rousey return Sunday and a rematch between her and Becky at Wrestlemania. I am still picking Shayna Bazsler.

The 2020 Royal Rumble is live from Houston, Texas this Sunday January 26th. You can watch this year' Royal Rumble starting at 7pm on the WWE Network which you can download here

What wrestler do you believe will win the women's Royal Rumble? Who will win the men's Royal Rumble? Let us know below.

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