Getting to Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta will not be easy and will not be cheap but thanks to "Fan Friendly Pricing" once you're there you can enjoy yourself. The Atlanta Falcons decided that when you come to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium you shouldn't need a loan to eat and drink so they set reasonable pricing and luckily they will continue that pricing for the Super Bowl.

This is a refreshing way to do business. The Falcons aren't looking to gouge you ever chance they get. With reasonable pricing you could get a Coke, Pretzel and basket of Chicken tenders with fries for $10. Think about all the times you've paid that for ONE beer at Yankee Stadium. Speaking of beer that will run you $5. I know someone is going to point out that it's THOUSANDS of dollars to go to the game but don't you wish EVERY stadium would adopt Fan Friendly Pricing?

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