Kevin Durant hit an awesome buzzer against the Knicks on Saturday night.  It gave the Oklahoma City Thunder a 101-98 win against New York.  It also gave me a win against Brian Cady.  I'll explain.

Here's a funny story for you guys.  I came up with a new way to gamble.  I call it gamblin' on gamblin'.  Here's how it works.

You get some friends together.  The entrance fee is $20 bucks.  The $20 dollar entrance fee will get you $50 dollars for an entire week to wager on any sporting event you'd like.  Whoever has the most money at the end of the week wins everybody's entrance fee.

We did the "gamblin' on gamblin" event last week.  It was myself, Brian Cady, Justin the Producer, and Whitey from the station.  Justin was out mid-week.  Tough break on the Spurs -2 2nd half line against the Knicks.

Cady and I were neck and neck.  I was only up $10 bucks on Saturday night ($60 dollars total including my originial $50).  It was go time.  I laid $50 bucks to win $45.45 (all bets were entered on on the Thunder -3 4th quarter line against the Knicks.

The Thunder entered the 4th quarter down by 2 points.  A loss here would cripple me.  The game was tied 98-98 with a handful of seconds left.  Russell Westbrook missed a go-ahead free throw.  The Knicks had the ball but didn't score.  In the final seconds, the Thunder had a chance to pull out the win, and to put me in a favorable position to win the pool.

The play started off terribly, but Kevin Durant knocked in a 3-pointer to win the game at the buzzer.  It gave me a stranglehold to win the gamblin' on gamblin' pool.  I finished ahead of Cady for the win.  The best part about the story was that Cady was over with a bunch of people playing cards that same night, and personally witnessed his chances going down the tubes.  Great stuff.