Remember the muscle cars from the 1970s? I had two that I wish I never sold that would be worth some decent money now if in prime condition.

The one I regret selling the most was my chocolate brown 1969 GTO. I bought it for $800 (I have no idea where I got $800 from), its driver side door was dented and would not open and I had to either crawl through the driver side window or get in the passenger side and slide over to get in. If you wanted to buy one now it would run you about $27,000.

I also had a 1982 Trans Am with T-Tops. Got pulled over constantly. I just can't drive sports cars slow. My last one was a 2010 350z. I got 11 points on my license and had to sell it. I was pulled over nearly 20 times and yes, cops do pick on sport and muscle cars. The one Chatham cop must have pulled me over seven or eight times!