Last year during Super Bowl 52's media night, I had a chance to chat with Barstool Sports' Dave Portnoy. The "stoolies" in the Capital Region may have been the reason as to why this blog was the highest viewed blog during last year's coverage. What has changed for Portnoy in one year? Back in August, Portnoy and Barstool Sports broadcasted live from the track's new "The Strech" (next to Levack and I during the afternoon). Below is what Portnoy said in an article back in August.

There is nothing quite like the track. The lows are low and the highs are high. When it was all said and done I probably was about even. I was done 30K probably at one point and then Elio brought me all the way back on Saturday. I stayed Sunday and lost, but it could have been a lot worst.

To read Portnoy's complete breakdown of his trip to Saratoga, click on the link below.

To listen to my interview with Portnoy, click on the link below.


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