The New York Yankees are on a tear right now. The mixture of really good starting pitching as well as the Baby Bombers(plus a few vets) at the plate has this team undefeated at Yankee Stadium. I was called crazy when I said this team could compete for the American League East and even I had my doubts but right now they look legit. With all that being said, the Yankees are going to get better. How can a team on an eight game winning streak and leading it's division be even better? The return of a pair of young stars could lift this Yankees team to another level. Plus I never discount the craftiness of General Manager Brian Cashman.

First the return of young phenom catcher Gary Sanchez will be a boost to the offense. Austin Romine is good but he's no Sanchez at the plate. There's also Didi Gregoius set to return soon. Ronald Torreyes is a fan favorite and is doing a very good job but Didi is far superior at the offensively.

Think about it, the Yankees have been letting everyone think it's all about next year. However if they are within striking distance of the AL East at the trade deadline there's little doubt the Yankees will make whatever move they deem necessary to take that next step now. By the way, that's if they don't already have what they need to make the post season right now.

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