So which NFL quarterback would you take if your team had the ball at their own 20 and was down by 5 points with 1:30 left in the game?  I would take Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisburger.


There are plenty of reasons.  He’s got 19 4th quarter comebacks since he entered the league in 2004 (26 if you include games that were tied in the 4th).  That’s the most of any NFL quarterback during that time.

After Saturday's victory over the Ravens, Ben is now 9-2 as a starter in the playoffs; he has two Super bowl rings and four AFC Championship appearances in just seven years.  He's also 60-26 in the regular season record.


I know the popular choice here would be Tom Brady.  Brady is the better overall QB – no contest!! He’s the best QB in the game – hands down.  But if we’re just talking one drive. Down by 5, 1:30 left in the game. I’d take Big Ben.

Roethlisburger might be playing horrible for 3 and 1/2 quarters, but for some reason in the 4th, he turns into another person.  Big Ben has stepped up and put the team in position to win the ball game.

I don't think Roethlisburger is a top 5 quarterback in the league when it comes to overall ability. But I can guarantee you 4 out of your possible top 5 quarterbacks could not accomplish what Big Ben has done with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

He has done what it takes to win ball games.  What he has accomplished is nothing short of amazing.  There is no doubt he has done things no QB has done in over 50+ years' worth of NFL Quarterbacks.

Take your stats for what they’re worth; give me the Quarterback that I can count on when the chips are down -  and that's Ben.