Carson Palmer says he'd rather retire than another game with Cincinnati.  Palmer said he has $80 million in the bank and that he will never suit up for the Bengals ever again.

This is insane.

The Bengals should not give in to Carson Palmer.

I understand Cincinnati is a losing organization with a bad ownership group and their front office is a mess.  I understand Marvin Lewis wanted to be fired, and should have been fired, but was somehow retained.  But Carson is still under contract; therefore, he should continue to play!

Should the Bengals trade Palmer if the guy doesn’t want to be there and is threatening retirement?  Probably, but remember – this is the smartest organization in the league.  This is why Palmer wants to be traded.  Because the Bengals are losers with no clue – they’re not going to all of a sudden have a clue about smart personnel decisions.

The minute you give into a player is the minute the players run the team.  The players aren’t in power, management is. That’s the way it is.

Don’t give me the comparison that you’re unhappy at your 9-5 job - and if you don’t like it at your place of employment, you can send out resumes and find another job.  But this is the business that Carson Palmer chose.  In the NFL, that’s the way it is.  A player signs a contract, and needs to live up to that contract!

Is it fair?  Who knows?  But is it fair that Carson Palmer made tens of millions and has $80 million in the bank to retire for simply throwing a football?