Bernie Sanders will speak today at The Egg at 1 p.m. Here is a preview of his speech:

Ok that's not his speech but hey it could be. Bernie rolls into town today for his "I know it's over but I'm still here" tour. Don't get me wrong, I like Bernie even if he does look like the guy yelling at you to get off his lawn. To his credit, he has at least made this campaign more interesting. Ok now for the part where I get hate mail.


I think the game is rigged (in this case in Hillary's favor) and since the supreme court in Citizens United gave corporations the same rights as individual citizens the big money controls everything. We are no longer a democracy and I don't want to be part of a fraud being played on the American People. The same is true for state and local elections but not to the same extent. Although I will admit that in the case of Trump the people have had a larger voice that the traditional republican candidate and for that reason I do find this election much more interesting. It's not going to matter what dirt is dug up on either one of them. People are tired of hearing it. This will at least be entertaining.