Well, that's not bad for Opening Weekend at Saratoga, huh?

The bettor won on the "Pick 5," in which he successfully picked the winners of the first five races on Saturday.

According to Rovell's article, the winning ticket had Realm (11-1), English Minister (3-1), Site Read (21-1), Hey Bro (24-1) and Saratoga Mischief (6-1).

The bettor, who requested not to be revealed, was the only winner, and took the entire payout.

While the ticket that won the huge payout cost just 50 cents, the bettor bet nearly $700 dollars on the "Pick 5."

How does that work? It means that he bet nearly $700 of 50 cent bets. Thus, he walked out of the betting window with many, many tickets and possible winners.

Once more, taken from Rovell's article, Andy Serling (who you can hear on our station every Thursday), a handicapper for NYRA, said that it is rare for only one winner to come out of the "Pick 5," and this is an example of one of just a few days its happened since the "Pick 5" began being offered in Fall of 2013.

It was the highest payout for a Pick Five, NYRA said, since Aug. 29 of last summer at Saratoga, when a single winner took home $595,502, Rovell wrote.