Ok I admit it I am still bothered and upset that Syracuse and Pitt are cowardly leaving the Big East for the inferior ACC. You read that right the INFERIOR ACC. The Big East soon will be no more thanks to the buck chasing and sleaze that is College Sports. Yes I love it but let's call it the way it is-sleazy. I hate seeing the greatest basketball conference be broken up and seemingly no one cares that runs the NCAA. With that in mind how poetic and wonderful was it to see Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski brake the record for Division 1 wins at MSG and not hick-like tobacco road. Oh the irony in that. Breaking this historic mark in the Mecca for hoops not some small gym in the ACC.

The part I really loved is how Coach K gave lavish praise on the venue to break the mark talking about the building his Duke team beat Michigan State in Tuesday night.  Now if I were some "tabakee" chewing ACC fan I might be upset about it but as a Big East lover i am thrilled the mark fell in the worlds greatest arena. To me that's a little poetic justice.

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