The Big Ten got hammered on New Year's Day.  Big Ten teams went 0-5 in bowl games on Saturday.

Wisconsin barely lost to TCU 21-19 in the Rose Bowl.  Northwestern lost by a touchdown 45-38 in the TicketCity Bowl against Texas Tech.

That will have to suffice as the good news for the Big Ten on New Year's Day.


Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin threw five interceptions including a pass that Ahmad Black picked off in the final minute to seal the win for Florida.  The Gators beat Penn State 37-24 in the Outback Bowl.  It gets worse.

Michigan State suffered the biggest loss in Capitol One Bowl history as the Spartans lost to Alabama 49-7.  Ouch.

Michigan suffered the worst bowl loss in school history by losing to Mississippi State 52-14 in the Gator Bowl.  The Wolverines got waxed by 38 points.  This is Michigan we're talking about, not Joe Blow University.

The Big Ten was thoroughly embarrassed on New Year's Day.  Things will be even uglier if Ohio State doesn't beat Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl Tuesday night.

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