The 1st Round of the NFL Draft has come and gone with several surprises.  But the biggest surprise of the draft had many people scratching their heads.

Minnesota's selection of Christian Ponder with the 12th pick was the biggest surprise of the NFL Draft.

He was taken way too early.  Ponder was probably a late 1st round/early 2nd rounder.

He might be a decent NFL quarterback but Nick Fairley could have been had here as a replacement for the one of the Williams boys and they don't get him?

There's also the Jake Locker factor.  When the Titans took Locker with the 8th pick, everyone panicked.  Then, the Jaguars traded up for Blaine Gabbert and so the Vikings started to feel even more pressure.  Quarterbacks were being taken and if you wanted one, you’d better act fast.

It was like Black Friday.  You went to the electronics store with the intention of purchasing a television.  But you left with a BluRay player, a digital camera and a Playstation 3 with 4 games.  Why?  Because everyone in the store was buying stuff, so you decided to buy stuff too.


The NFL is a quarterbacks league and every team needs one.  Four QB’s went in the first 12 picks.  The problem is – if you get the wrong QB, it can set your franchise back 5 years.

Simply put, the lockout handcuffed the Vikings.  They probably would have made a trade if they could have for someone like McNabb, Palmer or Kolb.  But due to the lockout, they couldn’t make any roster moves. Since they didn’t know when the Lockout would end, they had to address their immediate need in the draft.

That’s why this draft saw so many QB’s taken so early.  Teams were planning on not being able to do anything up until draft day.  In other words, the draft is usually the final step to building your team in the off-season (free agents, trades, etc). but this year, it may be one of the only ways to stock your team.

Will Ponder be a good NFL quarterback  one day?  I've certainly given you enough to "ponder", haven't I?