LeSean McCoy has been a Buffalo Bill for three months, and he can't seem to get over his ex-girlfriend Chip Kelly still.

During an interview with ESPN's Mike Rodak, McCoy harshly criticized Philadelphia Eagles coach Kelly.

"He wants the full control. You see how fast he got rid of all the good players. Especially all the good black players. He


got rid of them the fastest. That's the truth. There's a reason. ... It's hard to explain with him. But there's a reason he got rid of all the black players -- the good ones -- like that. " Shady would go on to express his disappointment in getting traded to the Bills at first. " To be honest, I didn't want to come [To Buffalo]. I really didn't. I was so angry at first. You take a guy who's made his whole name and career in Philadelphia and move him. I didn't know anything about Buffalo, so I didn't want to go. "

Let's address the comment. Implying that a coach in the NFL is a racist, is an extreme statement to make. I'm positive that the majority of the Eagles' roster is still "black," getting rid of knuckleheads and big contracts makes you a good coach, not a racist.

McCoy is prancing around like a child that got his toy taken away. DeSean Jackson was the first to go, and he's been known to be loud and obnoxious. He was also an overpaid wide receiver. Jeremy Maclin, another average wide receiver that was due to get paid. Excuse Chip Kelly for going in the draft and getting a player he can pay $1.4 million that does everything that Maclin could do. Then we get to Shady McCoy, who agreed to a new five-year, $40 million contract that includes $26.5 million in guarantees. If I could get a future All-Pro linebacker for a 27-year old running back that has carried the ball more than anyone else since he was drafted in 2009, count me in.

Chip Kelly may not get everything right, but to call a coach racist for making the best moves for his team is utterly ridiculous. Let's be honest: he's not prancing around like Donald Sterling using racist slurs. Nor is he like the Atlanta Hawks' GM Danny Ferry saying "he has a little African in him. Not in a bad way, but he's like a guy who would have a nice store out front but sell you counterfeit stuff out of the back."

Nope, Chip Kelly is just trying to be an NFL coach and get rid of the bad apples, which McCoy's statements show that he is one of the more rotten ones. McCoy should be fined for the comments.


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