Just hours ago former Houston Texans star JJ Watt teased that he'd be playing in Super Bowl 56 as a member of either the Browns, Packers, or Bills in his Peloton Bio. That turned out to be a pretty big troll job as Watt has now taken to Twitter breaking the news that he is joining his former teammate DeAndre Hopkins in Arizona with the Cardinals.

Apparently, Watt feels the best chance to play in Super Bowl 56 is now with the Cardinals. What's more "JJ Watt" than announcing your new team in a workout pic on Twitter?

This is tough news for Buffalo Bills fans as you could see the Bills Mafia getting more and more excited that they might land Watt. The more reports were out there that there were fewer and fewer teams in the running yet the Bills were still in the mix. Then the Peloton Bio this morning had many thinking Watt was for sure going to join one of the three teams listed.

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I had heard the Cardinals were a possible destination early but then not really mentioned recently. ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter says the deal is for two years $31 million with $23 million guaranteed.

That's a lot of cash for a 32-year-old with a history of injuries but a premium the Cardinals were willing to pay. The NFC West has some powerful passing offenses in it and now Watt will be asked to help the Cardinals slow down Russell Wilson, Matthew Stafford, and whoever the QB will be in San Fransisco.

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