While all of our attention has been focused on the New York Mets and the problems surrounding Matt Harvey recently, lets not forget about the drama surrounding the Binghamton Mets, the Mets AA affiliate.

While the franchise will remain in Binghamton and will remain a Mets affiliate, the team will have a new name in 2017. Fans were allowed to submit requests and we are now down to a "Super 6."

The names are.... interesting... to say the least. Here are the choices:

1. Studmuffins

2. Bullheads

3. Gobblers

4. Rocking Horses

5. Rumble Ponies

6. Timber Jockeys

This is not unlike several other situations in Minor League Baseball: The Hartford Yard Goats, Lehigh Valley Ironpigs, and Akron Rubberducks all got their name via the fanvote as well.

We brought in Jeremy Donovan of FOX 40 in Binghamton to discuss the motives behind the name change and to get the reaction of the local fans in the area.