The Toronto Blue Jays overcame the New York Yankees this year to win the AL East and advance to the ALCS.

The Jays used a historically strong trade deadline to spring past the Yanks, but they also got help with the return of Marcus Stroman.

Stroman, the Long Island native, was slotted to be at the top of the Jays' rotation in spring training before he tore his ACL. He returned in September, an unbelievably quick return. He was arguably the Jays best pitcher in the playoffs.

Stroman joined us today to talk about his recovery, his "surreal" moment pitching at Yankee Stadium in his rookie year, and where his competitive drive comes from.

Furthermore, we asked Stroman about Shaker High School graduate Jeff Hoffman, who was in the Jays' system before being traded at the deadline in the deal that brought Troy Tulowitzki to Toronto.

I also asked him about an epic high school game he had against Steven Matz and more.

Listen here:

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