First it was the dreaded "vote of confidence," which usually means we have no confidence. Now it is the old "fact finding mission." This is what the owner of the Sox and the GM claim as they join the ball club out west and get to watch the team quit on manager Bobby Valentine.

If you have followed the saga all year it has been a reality show everyday. Manager fights with star players. Players sending tweets anonyomously. Star players traded. Players taking shots at the manager. Injuries. A total disaster really.

Now it appears the final days are here for Bobby Valentine who has been undermined by whining players, players who can't take blame for themselves and a former player who hated the manager from the start and stabbed him in the back all the while pulling strings and starting trouble. I am speaking about weasel Curt Schilling, now a failed video game producer.

Owner John Henry and GM Ben Cherington have dispatched themselves to Seattle to watch the Sox quit and what they are calling a "fact finding mission." What they will discover is ugly and it starts and ends with the gutless players and the idiot Schilling who for some reason carries weight with management. This ball club has become totally dysfunctional.

Of course in the "great tradition" of sports you can't fire all the players so the manager will be let go, I anticipate very shortly.

The Red Sox are a ghastly 0-7 on this current trip and have been outscored by a mind boggling 58-16 combined. Players are now taking shots at each other (See Alfredo Aceves). The pitching coach was fired. The team is a joke and in the tank.

Henry denies he went to Seattle to fire Bobby V. Maybe that is so but I would be stunned if Bobby didn't get that pink slip shortly or right after this ugly season ends. I don't believe it is deserved at all. Injuries ravaged this club early just like they did the Phillies. Then the fighting and the excuse making started and now the losing is UGLY.

Red Sox fans, it should be remembered, wanted former manager Terry Francona whacked right after his first year. Now he is a hero in Boston. Fans always blame the manager or coach.

Good luck to whomever replaces Valentine, because you will get a team that has made a mockery of this season. It's one thing to lose, but it is another to not take personal responsibility and cast blame at everyone else. Bobby V is a solid manager who came in hated for no reason other than habitual liar Schilling stabbing him in the back, and it has gotten worse. Maybe the idiot Schilling can take over, because in his mind he has never failed at anything. He is a joke and, in my opinion, the healing starts when Schilling is told to stay away from the club!