Ok here we go the pile on effect by the no nothings and pile on'ers. Yes  I just made up a word but you get my point. Several groups are demanding long time Syracuse Icon Jim Boeheim be fired because of the Bernie Fine mess..Part of me says just dismiss these people and pay them no mind. On the other hand a big part of me says these people are dangerous and need to be taken on. I wrote about the Fine case already so I won't go into that again at this time but the buzzards are circling Boeheim and I think that's absurd. Let's start with the Reverand. Robert Hoatson of the group Road to Recovery,a group that supports and works with victims of sexual abuse. I quote the good Rev here "I think Jim Boeheim should be fired or resign as well,These boys were members of the basketball program. Jim Boeheim's responsibility is to oversee that program,and the children were not safe on his watch"....Really Rev? let me get this straight sir.1st off we don't even know if there was a crime comitted at all. 2nd should Boeheim follow Bernie Fine around even in his non working time and spy on his pefsonal life? Should Boeheim be resposible for the actions of an assitant and long time associate? If Fine is guilty why is the guilt any more  then just his sir? Should I know the entire life story and everyday  lives of all mine? Should you? No no and no...Others also gave us this line of garbage as well..Some of these groups are mad that coach Boeheim's 1st comments were to slam the 'alleged" victims. I understand why Boeheim did this. 1st off this isn't the 1st time this story came up and it was investigated and no crime was found to have been committed. 2nd in light of the 1st and Fine being friends with Boeheim a very very long time he felt a stern defense was in order. I personally don't have an issue with it. Boeheim has since backed off and apologized for his initial comments.

What really knaws at me is this hang him and everyone else high knee jerk reaction,not just in this story but life overall..What no one lies about being a victim? No invstigation should take place? An allegation that can destroy lives means a firing? A forced retirement? Unlike the Penn State mess there is doubt even if you aren't getting any of that from the so called "journalists" of America. There is not 1 shed--not 1 iota-not 1 sniff that unlike PSU anyone covered anything up..Sorry unlike the snap in a second public who justs wants to fire anyone for no reason or cancel games  when players had NO involvement (See PSU) you can't penalize many for the crimes of 1 or a few. No Jim Boeheim should not resign. It's time someone dug in and said we aren't justing whacking people whom have done a great job because they know someone or are close friends with someone who does bad things. No Jim Boeheim shouldn't quit or be fired if he is clean. Or perhaps those who disagree think we should be monitored 24 hours a day and know everything about everyone in their personal lives. If it has come to that well this is not the Country I would choose to live in.