Sign at Bombers in Schenectady…

Enforced after 10 PM
with middle pocket

OK, I understand there have be problems with crime happening near the location in Troy and near the Schenectady location, but I think this new dress code pigeon holes a certain ethnic group. From Todays Times Union:

"A dress code against baggy clothing that Bombers Burrito Bar established after violent incidents near its downtown Schenectady restaurant is drawing concern from civil liberty experts who say it could be unconstitutional if enforced selectively.
Vice President of Bombers Franchise Operations Jimmy Vann said the dress code is not used to prohibit entry to patrons all of the time. Rather, it is used to remove patrons who pose a safety threat."

I understand there have been problems before and this is a proactive way to address them but the Schenectady county Human Rights commission and the local chapter of the Civil liberties union say it's a violation of human rights. Angelica Morris, the director of the Human rights commission, says.

"'Basically, it's up to the private establishment to enforce the dress code. However, it has to be applied to everybody, not just to a certain individual or group. Otherwise, they're in violation of human rights law,' she said."

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