A bombshell report was published by ESPN earlier today, one which shared disparaging details about former New York Yankees' slugger, Alex Rodriguez. The player known as "A-Rod" was suspended for the entire 2014 MLB season for using steroids, as well as attempting to obstruct MLB's investigation of him.

As it turns out, his role in Major League Baseball's steroid scandal was even more destructive that that. He's not just a steroid user: he's a rat.

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Report: New York Yankees' Slugger Ratted on Fellow Steroid Users

Please, if you haven't already, give yourself an hour to read the entire report, penned by ESPN senior writer, Mike Fish. The report deals directly with Alex Rodriguez's interview with federal investigators, which took place inside the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's Miami Division offices on January 29, 2014.

Rodriguez was one of multiple players implicated as part of the Biogenesis scandal, which hit the baseball world in 2013 and involved numerous players who had purchases performance-enhancing substances from Biogenesis program director, Tony Bosch.

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Rodriguez had long-since dug his metaphorical heels into the ground, maintaining his innocence as other players admitted to their drug use. His constant denials of accusations led to this meeting with federal prosecutors, during which Rodriguez finally admitted to using PEDs.

As detailed in today's ESPN piece, however, the meeting also included Rodriguez sharing the names of three other players whom he knew had taken PEDs, as well.

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From ESPN, Rodriguez added into the investigative record the names of three former or then-current players he said Bosch had identified to him as PED clients: Manny Ramirez, Ryan Braun and another All-Star player. That player was the lone one not already on federal investigators' radar -- he never tested positive for any PED use, was never interviewed by authorities and was never suspended by MLB.

In Major League Baseball, as is the case for any other sport, one would have to imagine that there is an unspoken code of conduct between players. That code is very rarely broken, and when it is, it often says a lot about the player who chooses to break the code for their own personal gain.

This admittance says everything you'll ever need to know about Alex Rodriguez. Not A-Rod, the star baseball player, but Alex Rodriguez, the person.

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Here is a snapshot of the other comments made by Rodriguez as part of his interview, per ESPN:

  • Acknowledged typically paying Bosch $12,000 a month for doping protocols fueled by testosterone creams, red, gummy-like lozenges containing testosterone and human growth hormone.
  • Made cash-only payments to Bosch to conceal involvement with the hormone specialist and anti-aging clinic operator. 
  • Revealed that Sucart (his own cousin) had demanded -- on Christmas Eve 2012 -- $5 million as payment for not exposing Rodriguez's dealings with Bosch to Major League Baseball.
  • Acknowledged lying to New York Yankees president Randy Levine.

Again, these are only snippets of the deceit and sabotage orchestrated by Alex Rodriguez as he scratched and clawed at maintaining his innocence. There are many, many more details that further paint the picture of who this person truly is.

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