New York Yankees radio legend John Sterling announced his retirement effective immediately late on Monday evening.  The 85 year old has called more than 5,400 regular season games and over 200 postseason games.  His voice is synonymous with the Pinstripes and he is beloved by so many Yankee fans.  I am personally a big fan and whether you love him or hate him, he is and will forever be a broadcasting icon.  We are in a subjective business and Sterling has a unique style with his always entertaining Yankee home run calls.  Sterling was also never afraid to shy away from criticizing the team.  Below is my quick take on this as seen in The Times Union:

John Sterling was a one-of-a-kind baseball radio by play voice who set himself apart from the rest with his unique signature home run calls. New York fans are going to miss listening to Sterling who was in the booth for 36 years and provided fans with pure entertainment. Many fans would turn the sound down on the television broadcast and listen to the radio call with Sterling. There is no bigger compliment then that. At 85 years old Sterling deserves a different lifestyle, and Yankee fans will have to adjust to a new voice. Sterling earned legendary status as a broadcaster and his style will never be replaced.

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He will surely be missed by not only Yankee fans but by the game of baseball too.  It is the biggest compliment you can give a radio play by play guy to mute the TV and crank up the volume on the radio.  Countless of Yankee fans have done this over the years.  Thank you John Sterling and congrats on an incredible career.

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