The New York Yankees won another series this weekend as they beat their bitter AL East rival Tampa Bay Rays.  They have only lost one series this year and have been very impressive.  Someone who hasn't been very impressive has been Aaron Judge.  The $40 million man is hitting well below .200 and has way too many strikeouts, but for Yankee fans to boo him is absurd to me.  It is only late April people and the season hasn't even been underway for a month yet.  Below is my quick take on this as seen in The Times Union:

New York Yankees fans should be ashamed of themselves for booing Aaron Judge after he struck out 4 times on Saturday. While I understand he’s struggling Judge is one that of the best hitters in the game and is beloved by Yankee fans but that didn't matter against the Tampa Rays. It's not easy being a superstar player in New York because the fans are tough and demand a lot. But if any player deserves a free pass, it's Judge. And I can promise you there will be more cheers then boos before the season is over.

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Judge will be fine as long as the Yankees keep on winning everything will be all good.  He will need to improve overall at the plate moving forward otherwise the boos may be more deserved.  You just hope he stays healthy and finds himself again because we know how good of a baseball player he is and can be.

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