Could Deflategate finally be coming to an end? We got one step closer to the end of the road today:

As it stands, Brady is almost out of options. He could take his case to the Supreme Court and have the highest court in the country's judicial system take a listen to it. But even if Brady wants to keep the case open, the Supreme Court could deny to hear it.

At this point, I hope Brady drops the case. I hope that Brady is socially-conscious enough to understand that the Supreme Court has more pressing issues in this country than possibly-deflated football. Furthermore, I hope the Supreme Court denies the case because IT knows it has more important things to deal with.

The bottom line is this: Brady may miss four games in September. If the Patriots can weather the storm, they will get a healthy and motivated Brady back for the final 12 games of the year. Sounds like a win for the Patriots then.