The question to me is why? Why would a cheater who cheated to get that vaunted award get to keep it. Let me answer that. Gutless baseball writers that's why. Jack O'Connell who is the secretary-treasurer of the baseball writers says no the award will not be stripped from Braun. O'Connell sites precedent for allowing Braun if he loses his appeal for letting Braun keep the award. O'Connell specifically sites Alex Rodriguez winning the award in 2003. Excuse me Mr. O'Connell? While I certainly don't agree with that choice this is totally different. The award was just given not years later. I would have stripped ARod and every other cheater of their hardware. Say what you will about the Heismann award but they went back and stripped Reggie Bush of his after it was found he and his family got financial inducements to attend USC.

If an award is based on stats like MVP and those stats are later found to be coerced or fake then how can you not strip the MVP away from Braun. If I rob a bank and x years later they still haven't found me does that mean legally I can keep the money-Of course not. This is absurd. I had no qualms with Braun winning the award as I like all thought he earned it but he didn't earn it he stole it by cheating his performance with steroids. This is clear cut. They are called performance ENHANCING drugs. Enhancing. It's clear cut. It's not gray area stuff. It's pretty simple. Matt Kemp who also had a fantastic season and by all indications did it the right way not by doping or shooting needles of junk in his body deserves the award. Society as a whole will never regain control from the louts and cheaters and slime if we keep making excuses why those that committ these acts can't be penalized. It's time to take a stand and buck up or the cheaters will never pay a price. Strip that award from Braun who didn't earn it but stole it!!!!