You thought we were done with DeflateGate? HAAHAHAHAHA, joke is on you! We are not done with DeflateGate! It's back, and Tom Brady will now be forced to serve his four-game suspension after a US Appeals Court reinstated the decision.

Brady will miss games against Arizona, Miami, Houston and Buffalo. You have to think the Pats can go at least 2-2 in that time. I like them to beat Miami and Buffalo but think Arizona and Houston will be able to beat New England.

What can happen next? Brady could let the ruling live and just accept it or he can fight it more. He can ask to have the case reheard or he can take the case to the Supreme Court. Seriously, people, can't we all just get along?

This story was annoying last January and it's annoying now. I'm over DeflateGate. The only people who aren't are Tom Brady and Roger Goodell.