Adam Schefter

Giants Catch Kenny Golladay With Massive Contract
The New York Giants got their man! ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter is reporting that the Giants have reached a 4-year $72 million deal with former Detroit Lions wide receiver Kenny Golladay. The deal could top out at $76 million and has $40 million guaranteed.
Washington Redskins Could Face Major Hurdle In Renaming
The Washington Redskins will officially be no more. The team has Tweeted out confirmation that they will be changing the nickname and abandoning the name and logo they've worn since 1933 when they were the Boston Redskins. This has been a battle for years now and it's finally come to ahead. The team's press release was spread in a Tweet from ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter this morning.
NFL Shuts Down Offsite Training Camps And Joint Practices
Welcome to the new normal for sports. It seems that anything we once considered "normal" will be changed this year. The NFL has been pretty "lucky" so far in this coronavirus effected reality. They had to do the Draft virtually but still pulled it off, aside from that timing has protected them so far. Thanks to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter we now know that training cam will look a little different this year. No offsite training camps and no joint practices.
HBO’s Hard Knocks Could Feature Both Rams AND Chargers
As of right now the NFL is approaching the 2020 season full steam ahead. The Draft will still take place April 23 - 25 (even though it'll be virtual), The league has yet to announce any contingencies for the start of the year and HBO's "Hard Knocks" is preparing to film. The major difference at this moment is Hard Knocks would feature both Los Angeles teams not the customary single team.

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