Well, the Alex Rodriguez drama is over in New York. In a press conference that is still ongoing, Rodriguez announced that Friday will be last game ever for the Yankees.

Why Friday? It will be the next home game for the Yanks (after today) and will give his family and people close to him a chance to see him play one more time.

Rodriguez will be released after the game on Friday and will sign a new deal as a special advisor. He will make all the money he was owed as a player, $20 million next season.

Based on what Rodriguez said, the decision was not his. Hal Steinbrennar approached A-Rod about leaving the field but staying in the organization.

The embattled superstar said during his press conference that it has been "embarrassing" for him to be relegated to a full-time bench role and felt he could contribute still, especially in 2017.

Rodriguez could still play for another team if he chooses, but says he has not looked past Friday.