We all remember when 74 year old Brent Musburger got all crazy about AJ McCarron's girlfriend during the BCS National Championship game, right? Oh wait, we don't? Ok, good. Because I wanted a reason to show it again --

Let's now pick up to last Saturday night's game with Notre Dame at Michigan. I'd like to personally shake the hand of the producer that came up with the idea of putting Musburger side-by-side with Eminem, or "Mr. Mathers", as Musburger referred to him.

All I'm saying is that I hope I'm half as sharp in my mid-70's as Musburger. I know many think his antics are a bit much but I respect and love the guy in any situation ... particularly when it's one that includes the most infamous pissed off white boy rapper of all time.

Prepare for absolute awesomeness to shower all over your computer screen ---

Oh, and Mr. Mathers did not jinx his Lions. They beat the Vikes by 10. Hope Musburger got in on that bet.

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