According to a recent article by Banner Society the NCAA14 college football has nearly tripled in price since the coronavirus pandemic began. According to the above article's research

Six years ago, EA cancelled its college football series when it became the flashpoint for the ongoing debate over name, image, and likeness rights for college athletes during the O’Bannon v. NCAA trial. The game was a massive success by commercial standards, which is actually what killed it: NCAA was a glaring example of how to generate millions in revenue off of college athletes without compensating them in the process.

Yes, the fact that is the most recent NCAA themed video game is one reason. Others have noted the recent resurgence due to Barstool's Big Cat streaming his own NCAA14 video games via his Twitch account. A recent game had over fifty thousand viewers watching the NCAA14 action

I am a HUGE fan of the NCAA14 football video game for Play Station 3. In fact it is my favorite video game of all time (sorry MVP Baseball 05, and Major League Baseball featuring Ken Griffey Jr). I still play it and anytime a rumor of the NCAA Football video game returning is out there, I am almost always mentioning it


Did you own NCAA14? Are you a huge fan like me and continue to play it? Now knowing that the price has nearly tripled, will you be selling your old game? Let us know your thoughts below or you can share them via the FREE 104.5 The Team app.

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