NFL analyst Brian "Baldy" Baldinger has suffered through a 1 - 15 season as a player in the NFL so he knows how bleak and NFL locker room can be. He's been keeping and eye on what's going on all over the NFL so we ask Baldy what he thinks the Giants' locker room is going through and in his experience what are the player's mindsets at this time.

Baldinger said in his time in the league he's seen the gambit of reactions to terrible seasons. The way he expects players to act at 1 - 6 the same way they would at 6 - 1. That being said he's seen guys continue to give it their all and All Pro's tell him to take it easy they have a Tee Time. There's no telling exactly what the mindset of the Giants roster is but Baldy is not on board with some of the moves the Big Blue front office has made.

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