The former mantra of the New York Yankees was "BUY BUY BUY!" Recently it's been more like "Buy...if we have a coupon." So I'm not going to get too excited about this story yet but it's a good sign that Yankees' GM Brian Cashman is leading a group of Yankees' officials to California to meet with Free Agent pitchers Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strausburg.

Here's why this is exciting. Last off season the Yankees took a meeting with then top free agent pitcher Patrick Corbin at Yankee Stadium and pretty much made it clear from the start they weren't willing to go six years on a contract. So the fact Cashman is going to Cole and Strasburg shows real interest. Now here's where I pump the breaks on my excitement, there's nothing that truly tells me that the Yankees will open the checkbook.

Let's all cross our fingers that the Yankees are willing and able to add one of these two top notch Ace starting pitchers and improve this already strong team. Winter Meetings begin on Monday in San Diego, so the Hot Stove is about to really heat up.

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