The Cleveland Browns revealed new uniforms for the 2015 season on Tuesday night. The new look features a bold "Cleveland" on the front, while adding a more modern look when it comes to stronger colors. The Browns also changed the striping on the shoulders.

The Browns have gone the way of the Dolphins and Bucs when it comes to this more modernized look.

The Browns still have a brown top, a white top, and they've added an orange top -- which they have used at various times throughout their history. They also have pants in each color, which allows the franchise a bevvy of uniform combinations.

I don't know. I like the new uniforms actually. But to me, the Browns have a classic uniform. You may think they were boring and plain, but they were classic. Even though this Browns franchise is a reincarnation of the old-Browns-turned-Ravens, the keeping of the uniforms still honored the history of football in Cleveland.

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