Okay, the media told us the Jets all hated each other. Santonio Holmes hates Mark Sanchez. Sanchez hates Holmes. Holmes is hated by everyone, etc etc etc. Wrong!

Last spotted, Sanchez, Dustin Keller, Holmes and a few others were working out together down in Florida. Hmm, you think Tim Tebow has anything to do with this "inspiration" for these fellas to  get it on at this time of the year. I don't want to make more of it than it is  (a simple off season work out), but how often do you see people that supposedly don't like each other working out together during their off time?

Wrong again media: They said Jet fans would be jumping off the Sanchez bandwagon. Ooops. New poll released from the good folks at Quinnipiac. Football fans asked who they wanted to start for the Jets. New York Football fans. Over 60% said Sanchez. 24 % said Tebow. Again, just a poll, but this after the whole Tebow bedlam quieted down.

Wait- maybe the media got it right on Ozzie Guillen, the "now-hated"  manager of the Miami Marlins. In light of Guillen giving love to Cuban dictator, the media claimed they wanted to run Guillen out of town. Oopsie! A Florida poll released Wednesday said 57% of Cuban Floridians did not want Guillen canned. Wrong again.

Tough day for our esteemed sports "journalists". Hey, there is always tomorrow to slam and run for the "always correct" media. Just ask them!