Washington Nationals left fielder Bruce Harper went yard twice on Opening Day.  What record did Harper set?

The Washington Nationals beat the Miami Marlins 2-0 on Monday.  Bryce Harper became the youngest player in the live-ball era to hit two home runs on Opening Day.  Harper is only 20 years old.  To be precise, he’s 20 years and 167 days old.  The guy is still a baby in terms of age.

Bryce Harper hit 22 home runs with 59 RBIs and a .270 average in 2012 for the Washington Nationals.  Harper struck out 120 times.  His numbers were good but not great. If his 2013 debut featuring two home runs hit off of Ricky Nolasco is any sign of things to come this year, it could be a very special season in D.C.

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