Yesterday was the Micha Hyde Charity Softball game at Sahlen Field. The Buffalo Bills offense and Josh Allen took on Micha Hyde and the Buffalo Bills defense in front of a sold-out crowd.

Can anyone help out? Before the game though, Micha Hyde and Co. were looking for some help from  Western New York and they needed it right away. The post from the softball game account read:

"URGENT! anyone have any contacts at the Buffalo area sorting facility for UPS and/or FedEx in Buffalo area. we will hook you & whoever helps us today at game is you can get us in there!!" the message wrote on the Instagram story."

Buffalo is such a small world so, I am sure they will find (if they have not already) found someone that can help them out. Not to mention, Buffalo is one of the most helpful places on earth. Hence the name 'City of Good Neighbors'.

The Buffalo Bills defense won the game for the second straight year in a row over the offense and the event raised $470,000 for local charities in Western New York.

Some of the fun was had before the actual game, though. Beforehand there was a Home Run Derby. Many fans wondered if Josh Allen would return this year to defend his title from last year but were skeptical because he was at the Kentucky Derby the night before.

He showed up.

Although, he ended up losing the Home Run Derby to Buffalo Bill tackle Spencer Brown. Both Allen and Brown hit them over the fence and on the 190 off-ramp in Buffalo.

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