It's about to be a busy next week or two for the entire NHL, including Buffalo Sabres general manager Kevyn Adams.

The first round of the 2023 NHL Draft is tomorrow night, with rounds 2-7 on Thursday. They will happen in Nashville.

After the draft, we get right into 2023 free agency, while trades will be happening between now next week. A few trades happened today, none involving the Sabres.

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Today was also an important day for the NHL, because the 2023-2024 schedule was released and the Sabres will now know all the important road trips they have to take this season.

The home opener will be the New York Rangers on Thursday, October 12th.

The Sabres have a long road trip in March, which will span nearly two weeks; that includes a west coast road trip.

The biggest takeaway that some fans will have is that the annual night before Thanksgiving game won't be at home. This year, it will be played on the road at the Washington Capitals on November 22nd.

Normally, the Sabres host a team the night before Thanksgiving. That will be a change for many fans who love to go out to the game, then have fun with family and friends downtown.

The season finale will be at the Tampa Bay Lightning. The season begins at home but ends on the road.

The Sabres are expected to make some additions to the roster with a trade and/or free agent signings this week, so it should be a fun next few days for Sabres fans.

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