Perhaps Ryan Miller you should go read the NHL rule book before you continue whining. If you missed the game Saturday night the Boston Bruins hammered the Buffalo Sabres 6-2. During the 2nd period Miller came cruising out of his net to play a puck and was slammed into by B's forward Milan Lucic. Clean hit.Not up high. How Miller suffered a concussion is beyond me.In fact if anyone took a cheap shot it was Miller who swung his stick wildy at Lucic and should have been assessed at least a minor for reckless behavior. Sabres coach Lindey Ruff is calling for a suspension as is Buffalo GM Darcy Regier-Are you boys kidding me..HELLO earth to all 3 of you-If a golie ventures from his crease he is fair game and again the hit wasn't to the head it was to the shoulder.Clean Hit..No word how long Miller will be out for but perhaps the Sabes should check him for heart. After the game Miller the golie who blew the gold medal for the Americans was whining about Lucic being a beloved player in Beantown but the hit was gutless. No Miller the gag artist what's gutless is  you crying.

Hey Ryan Miller perhaps you should join forces with the American woman's hockey team. In case you didn't know this there is no checking in womans hockey so perhaps Wah Wah Wah Miller that's where you should be playing. Lucic has a hearing in NY today and could face further suspension. if in fact the gutless wonders who dish out the penalty's for this stuff suspend Lucic then perhaps Golie's should just try and score more goals. I mean if you can't touch a golie when he is out of the crease then why not just allow them to skate in untouched and try to bury the biscuit. Like the NFL while I can appreciate officials watching closely hits to the head they are turning these physical games into sissified events. The rules are clear in this case. lets hope they don't do what Fidel Goodell has done in the NFL which is make players scared to play physical. For that we can watch the NHL all star game. What A Joke

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