The 2021 MLB season is underway and Buster Olney is back on 1045 The Team ESPN Radio. The good news is the Yankees played. The bad news is the Mets vs Nationals game was shut down by COVID-19. How long will the Mets be on pause and what else is Buster expecting from the MLB season?

Buster breaks down the high expectations of BOTH New York baseball teams. The Yankees are always in the mix for postseason predictions but now the Mets are just as good and Buster's rankings support that claim. The comparisons between the Yankees and the Mets are solid. Listen below to hear Buster's thoughts.

When you hear just how upset Buster is that the Mets at Nationals game wasn't able to take place tonight, it reminds you just how much he loves this game. He would of been at Nationals Park tonight for the game. Having both today's and tomorrow's games postponed due to an abundance of caution over COVID-19 is a grim reminder that even though things are better the pandemic isn't over.

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The bright side is the season has started and there are even some fans in the stands. If you haven't listened to the interview above make sure you do. Buster's take on the fans, the new season, and Francisco Lindor's 10 year $341 million contract with the Mets. It's great to have baseball back but I think I'm even more excited to hear Buster Olney talk about the return of baseball.

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