First Jeter and Minka “Minketer” Call it quits, and now A-Rod and Cameron “A-Ramron” can’t get it off the ground. It’s so sad the most romantic time of the year will be a lonely one for Both A-Rod and Jeter.


Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez have ended their 1 year relationship, and its just coming to light today. I’m so freaking torn  up inside about this. Why couldn’t they work it out? What was the reason? Why couldn’t she have waited till after the playoffs? Now he is gonna be all screwed up in the head. Come on Cam can you just be with him long enough so he doesn’t slump in the ALCS.


Fine what ever go back to making crappy movies that nobody wants to see. I rember when you were super hot, that was 20 years ago sister. You were lucky to get a Guy like A-Rod, he was cool and probably ssecretly half horse.