From the Times Union:

A Boston hospital says a cancer patient has received the first penis transplant in the United States.
Massachusetts General Hospital has confirmed that Thomas Manning of Halifax, Massachusetts, received the transplanted penis in a 15-hour procedure last week. The organ was transplanted from a deceased donor.
The New York Times first reported the transplant Monday.
Dr. Curtis Cetrulo, who helped lead the surgical team, tells the newspaper that normal urination should be possible for the 64-year-old Manning in a few weeks, with sexual function possible in weeks to months.
The Times reports most of Manning's penis was removed during his battle with penile cancer.
The world's first successful penis transplant was performed in South Africa in December 2014.


  • Do you care where it's been before?
  • Do you hope the dead guy was well hung?
  • Do you care that another guy's hand has been on it?

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