With Les Miles officially out of the head coaching position at LSU, the rumors are beginning to swirl about a possible replacement. The school is in desperate need of a turnaround and to re-enter the national title conversation. So what coaches could LSU pursue?

Tom Herman

By far the best choice for this job in my mind. Herman has transformed the University of Houston into a national title contender that has the potential to dominate in all three phases of the game. Herman has a bit of an Urban Meyer feel to the way he coaches, and what school would want to miss out on that? Herman will do wonders on the recruiting trail as he will bring his ties from Houston to Baton Rouge, thus expanding the reach of where the school can recruit from. Herman's ties to Texas would give LSU a bit of a boost in recruiting out of state players, something that program desperately needs.

Jimbo Fisher

The likely favorite to land the position, Fisher, who is a former coach at LSU under Nick Saban, has the track record LSU is looking for in a head coach. On the recruiting trail, Fisher is the ideal candidate. Fisher is a guy that can easily compete with Saban and Alabama on the recruiting trail while also having the ability to win some of those recruiting battles. The big question is...what is it going to take to get him away from that great position he is in at Florida State?

David Cutcliffe

The quarterback position would likely find an immediate solution under Cutcliffe who is considered a 'quarterback whisperer' by many in the game. If offense really is the issue in Baton Rouge (which it certainly is), then Cutcliffe will be pursued heavily by the school. Another note; LSU athletic director Joe Alleva is the same man that hired Cutcliffe at Duke, where he has taken that program from door mat to relevancy very quickly. The only downside to a Cutcliffe hire is his age as he is 62-years-old.

Mike Gundy

An Oklahoma State product like Miles, Gundy is an interesting candidate the school will likely consider. A guy who has coached multiple power offenses over the past decade at Oklahoma State, Gundy has the possibility to turn the highly coveted LSU wide receivers into huge weapons in the passing game.

Art Briles

Should all attempts fail to bring in anyone else (and I mean ANYONE), Art Briles would likely be a scenario that comes about. He may not have the reputation LSU fans would want after what transpired at Baylor, but he is a name. Art Briles is a name that would draw intrigue as far as his football background. I hope it doesn't come to this point, but it is certainly a possibility.