With just one game left in the season the Atlanta Braves massive wild card lead has disappeared and with the St. Louis Cardinals 13-6 win over Houston last night the two teams are deadlocked for the spot.

If you had said that the St. Louis Cardinals would be fighting it out for the NL wild card earlier this year, you would have been called crazy.  This team was struggling out of the gate.  Albert Puljos had just gone through major contract issues and their ace Adam Wainwright was out for the season needing Tommy John surgery.  Here we are at the end of the season and St. Louis has battled back past Los Angeles, past San Francisco and into a tie with the Atlanta Braves.

The Cards were seeking motivation after being swept by the Dodgers in August and since that sweep they have won 21 of 29 games.  Last night was another feather in the cap as the beat the leagues worst Houston Astros 13-6.  That, combined with a 7-1 Braves loss to the Phillies has given St. Louis a real chance.

For Atlanta, things look very dim right now.  The light is fading quickly and they can't seem to win in September.  They are 9-17 this month and are coming off two big losses to the Philadelphia Phillies.

Tonight is the last game of the season.  If Atlanta and St. Louis are tied after tonight, The Cards will host a 1 game playoff on Thursday night.