While Major League Baseball takes a backseat this time of year to the NFL and NBA, that doesn't mean they aren't making moves. MLB announced that they plan to play a regular-season game in London by the 2017 season.

"We are very interested in playing there, and we're working hard on that one," Commissioner Rob Manfred said, "I don't think it will be an opener because of the weather issues. It would be later in the season."

It looks as though MLB is going the same route as the NFL in recent years.  This idea would certainly raise global popularity of the sport to a new high and ratings would most likely be very high.

For those freaking out, thinking that a team might move to London, lets get real.  There are too many circumstances that could backfire for MLB should they make this move, even more so than if there was an NFL team there.  It simply makes no sense.

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