This is just flat-out embarrassing.  Losing to the lowly Cleveland Cavaliers is bad.  Losing to the horrid Cavs twice in a one-week span after trading for Carmelo Anthony is awful.  Believe it or not, there is actually more bad news.The Cavs beat the Knicks 119-115 on Friday evening at Madison Square Garden.  This was a Cavs' team who was missing its best player, Antawn Jamison, due to a broken finger.  The Cavs improved to 12-49 on the season.  Yes, they "improved" to 12-49!

The Knicks are 0-3 this season against the Cavs.  How awful is that?  The Cavs only have 12 wins in 61 games, and three of them have come against the Knicks!  That's horrid.  A quarter of the Cavs' wins this season, have been against the same team.

The funniest stat to me is this: The Cavs also "improved" to 4-27 on the road by beating the Knicks on Friday.  4-27 is obviously a brutal record, but again, a quarter of the Cavs' road wins have come against the Knicks as well.  That's just comical.

The Knicks have given up an average of 114 points in three games against the putrid Cavs.  If you haven't gotten the memo yet, the Knicks aren't going to do anything noteworthy come playoff time.  They can't even beat the Cavs.  Winning a first-round playoff series is their ceiling.  Any more success than that will have to occur after this season.