CBS6 Sports Director and co-host of 104.5 The Team's WTF fantasy podcast shares his thoughts on this week's fantasy matchups below.

Ok, so I guess we all knew that no lead is safe for the ATL, but here are five things that we actually have learned after the first two weeks of the NFL season.

1)      We needed this.  2020 has been a dumpster fire.  I don’t even like thinking about the dark, dark days when there was literally nothing to watch.  I almost read a book in April.  Almost.  The return of the NBA, MLB, and NHL was certainly a sight for sport-yearning eyes, but NFL Sunday’s are just different.  They’re unmatched.  They’re sacred.  They’re simply the best.  In a year where nearly everything has been canceled, shortened, or altered, the only thing we lost from the NFL was the preseason.  Bye, Felicia.  It’s a miracle the season started on time and the only in-game difference is coaches where masks (most of them, looking at your Gruden and Co.) and ACL’s have gone on strike.

2)      The league is comprised of 31 dumb teams and the New England Patriots.  How?  How in the world did 31 teams allow Bill Belichick to get his hands on ANOTHER MVP QUARTERBACK??  Tom Brady finally migrated and maybe, just maybe it was the end of the reign of terror in Foxboro.  But no.  Cam Newton is the new sheriff in town and it cost the team pennies compared to the current quarterback market.  In this offseason, “quarterbacks” like Brett Hundley, Chad Henne, and even Nathan Fricken Peterman signed for more guaranteed money than Newton.  You know what, I hope the Patriots win another Super Bowl.  And 31 GM’s should lose their jobs when it happens.

3)      Aaron Jones is a STUD.  That’s it.  That’s the fact.

4)      The league has reached a new level of softness.  I get it, the game needed to become safer and I’m on board with that.  I can still go on YouTube and shout “JACKED UP” as I watch Dion Dawkins become a human missile with the mission of rattling skulls.  But the new penalty for crackback blocks has gone too far.  Sure, let’s stop having offensive players blind-siding defenders into next week, but simply picking-off a defender with a glorified basketball screen should NOT be penalized.  Do yourself a favor and twitter search for Emmanuel Sanders “crackback block” from MNF.  Viewer discretion is advised.

5)      Gardner Minshew is going to ruin Jacksonville’s #TankForTrevor agenda.  As we’ve said on the What The Fantasy podcast, players will never tank in the NFL.  Never.  No one’s job is safe in this league and with incentivized deals, there’s almost always something to play for.  Players might give up on their team midseason or go full Vontae Davis and retire at halftime, but this is not a league where players start a season with the intention to tank to get that 1st overall pick the following year.  While David Caldwell has completely dismantled Jacksonville’s roster by shipping away Jalen Ramsey, Leonard Fournette, Calais Campbell, A.J. Bouye, and Yannick Ngakoue, did I miss anyone? …Minshew Mania might be here to stay.  Crazy stat incoming: only two NFL quarterbacks have started their career with at least 27 passing TDs and less than 10 INTs in their first 16 games – Dan Marino and Gardner Minshew.  One Hall of Famer and one GOAT.  All Minshew needs to do is carry Jax to enough wins so they can’t draft Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields or any other highly-touted college QB.  No one is a Jaguars fan (seriously I’ve never met one, convinced they don’t exist), but everyone should be a fan of Gardner Minshew.

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