Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco doesn't have over 2.6 million followers on Twitter for nothing.  The engaging NFL player may have posted his best tweet yet.

The Patriots beat Tampa Bay in a preseason game last Thursday 31-14.  During the game Chad Ochocinco was hit hard by Buccaneers linebacker Mason Foster.  Mason's aggressive play drew a 15-yard penalty for hitting a defenseless receiver.

Ochocinco sent Foster a message on Twitter saying, "Great hit last night. If u're fined I'll reimburse u boss.  That's the way the game should be played.  Stay healthy n have a good year."  Foster responded by saying, "Thanks Bruh, I appreciate it.  Good luck to you too."

That's an awesome gesture by Ochocinco.  I completely agree that it was a clean hit.  It wasn't a helmet to helmet hit.  It wasn't overly aggressive.  It was just football.  Unfortunately, under the 'defenseless receiver' rule, it's a penalty.  Judge for yourself.  Below is a video of Mason Foster's hit.  Be aware of an f-bomb at the :16 second mark.