One week ago, we saw Eric Weddle signing autographs for fans in San Diego and laying in the middle of the Chargers logo at the 50-yard line.

Why? Because he was trying to show appreciation for his career in San Diego. The Chargers may relocate after the season and Weddle did a great job showing a classy side of sports - appreciation of the fans.

But the Chargers don't share that same loyalty and appreciation I guess...

Weddle's daughter was performing a dance at halftime of the game - and Weddle skipped halftime with the team to go and watch.

This is unreal. I get that halftime is important, but the Chargers are a 4-11 football team. They are going nowhere. They should understand this situation.

For instance, I saw Dell Curry get honored at halftime of a Hornets/Warriors game -- and I didn't see Golden State fine Steph for attending the ceremony.

Seems like a low class move from the Chargers.