We are inching closer and closer the final announcement of the FBS college football playoff committee rankings. The final rankings will be released in mid-December, eventually this year's participants in these year's playoffs. Below are this week's rankings

1. Alabama

2. Ohio State

3. Michigan

4. Clemson

5. Washington

6. Wisconsin

7. Penn State

8. Oklahoma

9. Colorado

10. Oklahoma State

11. Louisville

12. USC

13. Auburn

14. Florida State

15. Florida

16. Nebraska

17. Tennessee

18. West Virginia

19. Boise State

20. Houston

21. Western Michigan

22. Utah

23. Washington State

24. Stanford

25. Navy

Let's start at the top with one of the biggest moves being Louisville droppings six spots to number eleven. The Cardinals lost 36-10 to Houston and it seems unlikely Coach Bobby Petrino's team will be able to get back into the top four this season. That same Houston team jumped back into the rankings at number twenty in the poll. Although Houston is ranked highest of what is called the "Group of Five" schools, it needs to win its conference to be eligible to play in a New Year's Six Bowl game. Currently Navy leads that side of the AAC plus a win by Wyoming in the Mountain West Conference title would also keep Boise State out of the New Year's Six Bowl game. This week the impactful match ups include Washington vs Washington State, Michigan vs Ohio State, Auburn vs Alabama and Colorado vs Utah.