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The newest segment on Levack and Goz is here for you! It's Conspiracy Theories every Friday at 4pm. It feels that there are just too many times in the world of sports that people are afraid to "think outside the box". The guys in the afternoon drive are never afraid to do that. This segment throws journalistic integrity out the window and lets the guys dive in topics that they believe have at least have some details missing.

This week the guys discussed the overall NCAA tournament. Why does both Goz and Mike Greenberg believe the NCAA is actually intentionally hurting college basketball fans? Levack is convinced that Knicks president of basketball operations Phil Jackson may be working secretly with other NBA organizations. Is there actually a chance we don't see Lavar Ball's children play at UCLA? Plus what in the world is Levack thinking when it comes to April the giraffe. Find out that and more in this week's edition of "Sports Conspiracy Theories" with Levack and Goz.